Climate countdown – get up to speed on the upcoming climate negotiations

Flooding, storms, heat waves and a fast melting Arctic – every other week alarming reports from scientists point out that the world is not doing enough to limit carbon emissions and climate change.

In December 2018, the 24th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) will take place in Katowice, Poland, to finalize the rules for implementing the Paris Agreement. Ambitions and relevance of the Paris Agreement have been questioned and countries such as the US have stated that they are withdrawing from the discussions.

So what role do international negotiations such as COP24 play? Are they only about governments fighting to protect national interests or a way of saving the planet? Whose voices are being heard and what impact can they make?

Join us for a seminar about international climate negotiations and the upcoming COP24 and find out from experts who have been to previous COPs!

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The seminar is co-organized by the Swedish Development Forum (FUF) and SIWI Swedish Water House, in collaboration with ABF Stockholm. The discussion will be held in English. Welcome!

15.30 Introduction
Moderator Adam Leckius, International Coordinator, PUSH Sweden

15.35 Background on the Paris Agreement and COP
Mathias Fridahl, Climate Policy Analyst, Fores

15. 55 Panel discussion
Maggie White, Senior Manager International Policy, SIWI Swedish Water House
Johanna Lissinger Peitz, Chief negotiator for the Swedish delegation at COP
Mathias Fridahl, Climate Policy Analyst, Fores

16:35 Q&A

16:55 Closing
Last statements from panellists






SIWI Swedish Water House
FUF – Föreningen för Utvecklingsfrågor
In collaboration with ABF


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