Swedish Water House at World Water Week

Do you remember the Water Festival in Stockholm? The festival eventually grew to become World Water Week, which today is the leading global conference to discuss water and development issues. This year, World Water Week turns 25 and focuses on “Water for Development”. Swedish Water House will of course arrange several activities. Below you’ll find a list of our events, with links to their pages in the World Water Week Online Programme.

Sunday 23 August

Malin Falkenmark Seminar: Green Water Based Economic Development in Drylands

Young Professionals’ Mingle

Monday 24 August

#SIWISofa: Svenska mat-och dryckesföretag samarbetar för mer hållbar vattenförvaltning

Wednesday 26 August

Landscape approaches for sustainable development, water and land resource management

Thursday 27 August

Keys for successful youth engagement in water for development

New paradigm: incentivizing improvements in low and middle income countries (STWI seminarium)

Friday 28 August

Field Visit: Water, forests and people: how can forestry secure water resources

Anna-Kari Swaretz

Email: anna-kari.swaretz@siwi.org

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