Swedish Water House respects your personal integrity when visiting our website.

In particular, Swedish Water House:

• does not collect any personal information about users, except that which is knowingly and specifically supplied to us by the user.
• is committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal information.
• will not sell or pass on your information to any other organization outside of Swedish Water House unless you specifically and expressly give us permission to do so.
• always gives you the option to unsubscribe from our mailing lists.
• suggests that, if you are under 18 years old, you ask your parents or guardian before signing up on this site.

Privacy Policy

Swedish Water House will not use any personal data collected on this site for any purpose other than that specifically stated. Swedish Water House will not use personal contact details to send you further information unless you agree to the data protection opt in supplied. If you agree to receive, or sign up for, further information from Swedish Water House by email you will be offered an opportunity to unsubscribe from that communication at all points of contact. Swedish Water House will never intentionally misuse or allow others to misuse any personal data it collects or holds.

Swedish Water House does not sell or pass on personal contact details to any other organisation and will not do so in future without asking you for a specific opt-in to that scheme. Swedish Water House does collect standard log files on its web server. These log files do not collect personal data but rather collect information which assists Swedish Water House in assessing the use and usability of it various sites. This information may include the IP address of your computer. Swedish Water House will not attempt to trace that IP address to you personally, nor will it allow that information to be tracked by outside agencies.


This website contains cookies. According to the Swedish law of electronic communication, which came into effect on the 25th of July 2003, all visitors of cookie enabled websites should be informed that the website contains cookies, how they are used and how to avoid them.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small files stored on your computer on request from a website. They contain information that the website wants you to present every time you request a page from the same website. In most cases these cookies contain settings that you have made on the website, credentials for logging in etc. Cookies are restricted in size to 4 Kb.

How cookies are used on this website
On Swedish Water House’s website cookies are used to keep track of your current session. When you fetch a page from this website your browser sends an ID number that you were given the first time you came to the website. Using this ID the program that creates the pages on this website can store and retrieve settings that you have made during your visit. These settings are mainly authorisation information for logging in. When you register to one of our services or when you log in the system uses your ID to confirm that you are logged in. With the ID we are also able to keep statistics on unique visitors of the website.

Information stored in cookies from our web is not available to other websites. We do not distribute any information on our visitors to other parties and use it solely for our own websites.

How to turn off cookies
There is no way that you can prevent this website from sending cookies. What you can do is to turn off your browser from accepting cookies. Most web browsers also allow you to turn off cookies for specific websites. Please read the manual for your software to learn how you can turn off cookies.

What happens if I don’t accept cookies?
If your browser does not accept cookies you will not be able to log in to the services on this website that require logging. You will still be able to read the information that does not require logging in though.

To learn more about cookies and what they do, click here.

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