The Forest-Water Nexus: redefining the narrative to build a sustainable future

We live on a blue and green planet. To achieve a resilient future, natural solutions such as managing forests for water supply, will be required. This event will highlight the prevailing forest-water narratives, promote consensus on how to address integrating forests in water management and water in forest management and will provide an occasion to announce next steps and opportunities for engagement.

This event will discuss the prevailing narratives surrounding forests and water: the myths, the complex truths and the implications our understanding has on practice and policy, and vice versa. It aims to bridge the divide between the water and forest sectors and suggest next steps to better integrate forests in water management and water in forest management.

Session Starts (15:30)

(5 min)

Welcome: The Journey So Far James Dalton, IUCN
Two Key Note Speakers to Frame the Subject (15:35)
Key Note 1

(15 min)

The myths and legends of forests and water – defining the existing narrative


Eduardo Mansur, Director of Land and Water Division, FAO
Key Note 2

(15 min)

Championing forests and water – cross-sectoral collaboration (Launch of the statement)


Torgny Holmgren, Executive Director, SIWI


Video (16:10)
(10 min) Amazonia’s flying rivers – No forest no water


Ulrike Pokorski (tbc) GIZ
Panel Discussion (16:20)
Panel discussion

(50 min)

Moderator: John Matthews, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)

Brief introduction of Panel members followed by questions

·         Mr. Abdullah Al Mohsin Chowdhury, State Secretary at Ministry of Environment and Forests, Bangladesh

·         Jan Cassin, Forest Trends

·         Mampiti Matete, Regional Water Coordinator, IUCN East and Southern Afrcia Regional office

·         Suzanne Ozment, WRI, Washington DC

·         Claude Gascon, GEF Secretariat

·         Lis Mullin Bernhardt, UN Environment

Audience Questions to the Panel (17:10)
Questions from the Audience

(20 min)

Facilitated audience engagement John Matthews, AGWA
Closing Presentation (17:30)
Regional importance

(10 min)

The importance of Forests and Water in the Amazon region Theresa Castillion-Elder, ACTO
Closing (17:40)
Conclusion and Wrap up

(5-10 min)

Concluding points, next steps James Dalton, IUCN
Session End (18:00)




15:30 - 18:00


SIWI Swedish Water House


8th World Water Forum, Brasilia

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