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Agroforestry – Scaling up a Nature-Based Solution for Water?

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This webinar, the last in a series hosted by the Forest Water Champions in the run up to World Water Week 2021, focused on Agroforestry.

Featuring speakers from Agroforestry Network, FAO, IWMI, SIWI, Vi Agroforestry and World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF), this event  presented the evidence for agroforestry as a nature-based solution (NBS) for water followed by a discussion on scaling it up.

The issue of food production for a growing population is one of the greatest challenges of our time, one that is often linked to high rates of ecosystem degradation.

We must therefore find solutions for people and planet that allow us to grow food while halting deforestation, reducing degradation and promoting conservation and restoration. Agroforestry (farming systems with trees) is one nature-based solution used for centuries to improve food security and livelihoods while sustainably managing ecosystems and their functions, such as biodiversity and ecosystem service delivery.


  1. Welcome address – Tony Simons, World Agroforestry
  2. Introduction to Forest-Water Champions – Malin Gustafsson, SIWI
  3. Evidence for agroforestry as a nature-based solution for water and other benefits
    Margaret Muchanga, farmer associated with Vi Agroforestry, part of Agroforestry Network
    Alok Sikka, IWMI and Shiv Dhyani, World Agroforestry
    Meine van Noordwijk, World Agroforestry
  4. Facilitated discussion,  moderated by Matilda Palm, Agroforestry Network and Malin Gustafsson, SIWI
  5. Closing remarks – Elaine Springgay, FAO




9:00 - 10:15 CEST (Stockholm time zone)


SIWI Swedish Water House



Center for International Forestry Research – CIFOR

Agroforestry Network



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