Water is present across the whole value chain

Dollar and Euro are standing on the wavy sea side

Water is present throughout the value chain of many companies, thus constituting a financial material aspect for most investors. This is getting more space in the media as well as in studies, and water hazards, among other things, has been highlighted in the Global Risk Report of the World Economic Forum, which annually lists the risks that are considered to present topical threats to global welfare. Since 2011, water-related crises have been ranked within the top three of the risks that are most worrying globally in terms of its potential effects.

At the same time, a need has been identified by the financial industry’s players of in-depth knowledge and refined working methods to take into account financially material water aspects. In the spring of 2017, Swedish Water House (SWH) has initiated a new cluster group focusing on Water as a Financial Risk together with Swesif and CDP. Swesif is an independent forum for organizations working for or with sustainable investments in Sweden. CDP is a non-profit organization that works for investors, companies, cities, municipalities and regions to better report their environmental impact. Through this common platform, we will bring together investors in Sweden in the year to discuss water-related risks in key sectors and strategies for more sustainable investments where water dimensions are considered.

A series of seminars and workshops on the theme of water from a financial perspective will be directed to Swesif’s members during the year.

For more information, please contact Josephine Gustafsson (josephine.gustafsson@siwi.org).


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