Water and faith

Swedish Cluster Group on Water and Faith

Water is essential to realize the SDGs, to meet the challenges of climate change and for all human development. To be able to achieve this, inclusiveness and strong partnerships are required. Faith and spirituality are foundational sources and drivers of behaviour; shaping and inspiring individual and community worldviews, priorities, daily rituals and community structures – including relationship to and value of water resources.

Moreover, in rural and remote locations, or where governments are unable or otherwise fail to provide essential services, faith-based organizations and networks are often relied upon to fill essential service gaps. Many faith-based organisations support people in humanitarian crises and in need, both in Sweden and internationally. The Cluster Group on Water and Faith serves as a platform to build bridges between the water community and faith-based organisations to raise awareness and strengthen implementation for improved water governance.

The Swedish Cluster Group is interreligious and co-organised with Church of Sweden. Are you interested to take part in the dialogue? Please contact Kristina Johansson.

International network

The Swedish Cluster Group is closely linked to the international Water and Faith network which has engaged international faith-based organisations and faith-based development partners in joint events during World Water Week 2016, 2017 and 2018 to align priorities addressing critical gaps to achieve SDG 6. Together with the annual public events at World Water Week, the Water and Faith network has hosted annual Closed Network Meetings for informal partnership development and identification of joint actions. 

Are you interested to take part in the international Water and Faith network? Please contact Elizabeth Yaari for more information.

Learn more about the interplay of water and faith in the video below:

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