Urban Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region

How can our cities remain resilient and mitigate vulnerability in the face of the uncertainties of the effects of climate change? How can we be better prepared to meet these challenges and what are the best ways to assess and deal with risks?

The Baltic Sea region faces a number of water management issues, such as flooding, water quality, and even water scarcity. Climate change is exacerbating these problems and increasing the amount of uncertainty in decision making processes. Countries are working to address these challenges through international agreements and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs). In most instances, however, it comes down to cities, municipalities and regional authorities to implement these strategies.

There is a need to increase capacity for water managers and decision makers at regional and local levels when it comes to climate change adaptation and planning for sustainable development in urban environments. Therefore, SIWI Swedish Water House, together with Baltic Development Forum (BDF), the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) and in collaboration with the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA), are pleased to kick off the new initiative Urban Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region. The project is a new one-year project co-financed by the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).


  • Organize three workshops in different locations in the Baltic Sea region, providing
    training on the implementation of bottom-up approaches to climate change
  • Connect stakeholders across the Baltic Sea regions for knowledge-sharing on water
    management decision making.
  • Link up to the macro-regional and wider international agenda on climate change
  • Engage in active communication and disseminate outcomes to a wider audience
    through e.g. live streaming of workshops, and the utilization of the partner
    organizations’ communications channels.
  • Explore the potential for expanding and growing the initiative beyond the project


The first series of workshops will be carried out in Stockholm, Turku and Copenhagen to connect decision makers and local practitioners (cities and municipalities) engaged in climate change adaptation areas and to train them in a set of risk management approaches known as bottom up approaches. Discussions will be based on knowledge sharing, capacity building and sharing of national, regional and local cases to raise awareness of available methodologies. Please click here for more information about the workshop in Stockholm.

If you have any questions please contact Lotta Samuelson.

Urban Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region from AGWA on Vimeo.


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