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Our cluster groups are interdisciplinary networks focusing on current critical water-related topics.

Cluster Groups are small networks that gather Swedish actors around a specific issue for a period of two years. The cluster group formulates its own agenda and goals, ultimately aiming to contribute to improved management of water resources globally.

The cluster groups serve as a platform, connecting experts and practitioners from government, agencies, academic institutions, civil society and the private sector. The aim is to build bridges between disciplines and stakeholders, bringing together research, development, policy and decision making. The groups may also follow, participate and engage in relevant international processes, to further raise awareness and strengthen implementation.

By gathering Swedish expertise the cluster group serves as a hub for knowledge, experience and inspiration. Some cluster groups have developed policy recommendations for decision makers, other cluster groups have developed guidelines for water use in industrial processes and used the guidelines in work with suppliers. Through regular meetings, seminars and workshops, cluster groups contribute to developing the Swedish knowledge base on water-related topics and disseminating nationally and internationally.

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