AGWA Policy Group

The Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) is a group of regional and global development banks, aid agencies and governments, and a diverse set of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on managing water resources in a sustainable way. AGWA is helping experts, decision makers, and institutions in the water community to work more effectively; providing tools, partnerships, and technical assistance to improve effective decision making, action, governance, and analytical processes in water resources management. The AGWA Policy group is a network of AGWA members and like-minded organisations engaged in global climate-water policy work, who are committed to contribute to the AGWA mission and purpose. The aim of the Policy group is to facilitate coordination and information sharing, and to contribute to bridging between global policy development and national and local climate adaptation. Its members are participating at a global and intergovernmental level to integrate water and climate policy into the work streams and negotiations under the UNFCCC. The AGWA Policy group is coordinated by the Stockholm International Water Institute. For more information, contact Maggie White.

European Water Partnership (EWP)

Swedish Water House is part of the European Water Partnership network, EWP an independent value based non-profit organization structured as an open and inclusive member association.
The EWP harnesses European capacity, helps to coordinate initiatives and activities in international water issues and undertakes worldwide promotion of European expertise related to water.
The ultimate goal of the EWP is to elaborate strategies and implement concrete actions to achieve the objectives of the Water Vision for Europe. Contact: Lotta Samuelson.

EU Water Initiative

Swedish Water House has provided support to the EU Water Initiative since 2003. It currently supports the annual Multistakeholder Forum process of the EU Water Initiative at the World Water Week in Stockholm. At this occasion, the Swedish Water House also supports other, more operational meetings of the Initiative and also the EU Water Facility.

Northern Water Network

Swedish Water House is a partner in the Northern Water Network.
This Network, originally initiated by the World Water Council (WWC) and the Global Water Partnership (GWP) during the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto in 2003, has as a focus to share experience on the development and implementation of IWRM among the Northern partners.

The North too has its problems and exchanging knowledge will help to solve these problems. The Northern Water Network will provide the window through which actors can engage in dialogue and knowledge sharing. Although the Northern Water Network will have a strong north-north orientation, the south should have easy access to the northern experiences, both good and bad. For further information on the partners within the network, please look at the respective national home pages.

Race for the Baltic

SIWI acts as an expert advisor to the Baltic Sea City Accelerator Programme. Race For The Baltic is an initiative of Zennström Philanthropies and works to convene leaders made up of forward-thinking politicians, industry professionals, NGOs and local governments who are determined to reverse the negative trends and restore the Baltic Sea environment, so as to ensure the long term economic viability of the region.


International Hydrological Programme (IHP) is UNESCO’s international scientific cooperative programme in water research, water resources management, education and capacity-building. Swedish Water House is member of the Swedish IHP(Svenska-IHP)’s committee and Swedish Water House Director Katarina Veem is Chair of the committee. Information is only available in Swedish. Contact: Katarina Veem.

Water and Corporate Responsibility

Every company is in some way dependent on water resources for its activities and therefore an increasing number of companies start to explore how they can take responsibility for a sustainable water use.

The Swedish Water House has formed a reference group for Water and Corporate Responsibility which provides input to the Swedish committee for creating an ISO-standard for global water footprint. It discusses different aspects of measuring companies’ water use and water impacts, as well as how different tools for measurement could be harmonized in order to give comparable data.

Swedish Water House works to strengthen the connections between Swedish companies and international organizations working on the issue and creates meeting places for Swedish companies who would like to cooperate with other actors about the issue of water use and water impacts. One example is the Sweden Textile Water Initiative, which grew out of a SWH cluster group.

Do you work with these kind of issues and would like to know more? Contact: Katarina Veem.

Other partnerships

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