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We act as an impartial platform for Swedish actors interested in international water issues, creating spaces for dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing. The overall objective of Swedish Water House is to contribute to cooperation over water and development issues. An important element of Swedish Water House activity consists of seminars and workshops. The events involve a wide range of actors and disseminate knowledge about the often invisible role of water in various areas.


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Agroforestry – Scaling up a Nature-Based Solution for Water?

Watch the recording: This webinar, the last in a series hosted by the Forest Water Champions in the run up to World Water Week 2021, focused on Agroforestry. Featuring speakers from Agroforestry Network, FAO, IWMI, SIWI, Vi Agroforestry and World […]

Event date 2021-06-22 View more
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How can we make education accessible for all?

Watch the recording Educators carry a specific role in making sure that girls and others who menstruate feel safe and at ease when in school, to ensure that they receive the best education possible. This is crucial in combatting gender […]

Event date 2021-05-28 View more
Water Dialogues – Improving Public Health Through Water

WEBINAR RECORDING Zoom recording This SIWI webinar series invites the audience to get acquainted with the laureates’ and SJWP winners’ respective work and to contribute to the discussion on how the world needs to respond to current challenges, and future […]

Event date 2021-04-26 View more

News & Blogs

Valuing Wasted Water

The value of water, specifically the water we waste – was the topic of this Water Dialogue. The need for both innovation and behavioral change were among the conclusions our speakers discussed when exploring water’s value.

Published on 2021-03-31 View more
Water Dialogues – A Water-Literate Society

Participants who tuned in to this week’s Water Dialogued were treated to quite a discussion! From innovation to communication and the acknowledgement that research isn’t always as hard as it looks, we were joined by water experts of today and tomorrow from three different continents.

Published on 2021-02-24 View more
Water Dialogues – What’s underground? Undervalued Groundwater

The new Water Dialogues series gives everyone a chance to listen to some of the world’s greatest water experts. In this blog post, SIWI’s Elin Weyler shares her take-aways from the first webinar on the, often forgotten, topic of groundwater.

Published on 2021-01-19 View more


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