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We act as an impartial platform for Swedish actors interested in international water issues, creating spaces for dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing. The overall objective of Swedish Water House is to contribute to cooperation over water and development issues. An important element of Swedish Water House activity consists of seminars and workshops. The events involve a wide range of actors and disseminate knowledge about the often invisible role of water in various areas.


Sextortion – A Hindrance for Women and Development

12 DECEMBER, 15:00 – 17:00 • SIWI, Linnégatan 87A, Stockholm Sextortion is when “sex, rather than money, is the currency of a bribe”. This event wants to shed light upon this highly gendered issue. ABOUT THE SEMINAR The word “sextortion” […]

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COP25 Events: Young Water Solutions for Sustainable Development

6 DECEMBER, 16:00 – 17:00 • Norrsken House, Stockholm The global youth plays a vital role for achieving sustainable development, both as advocates and solution-finders. Hear young innovators and Stockholm Junior Water Prize-finalists from Sweden and Spain share their solutions to […]

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COP25 Event: Managing Forest Landscapes for Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

3 DECEMBER, 14:00 – 15:00 • Norrsken House, Stockholm What role do forest landscapes play for our climate, and how can we manage them to combat climate change? This seminar will highlight experiences from Swedish actors in managing the forest landscape […]

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News & Blogs

Water, Sanitation, Health – Human Rights implications of Antibiotic Resistance

Pharmaceutical pollution, coupled with antibiotics misuse and water scarcity, have exponentially increased the global level of antimicrobial resistance (or AMR). Deaths attributable to AMR keep increasing every year, and predictions count over 10 million deaths by 2050, and a fall […]

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3 questions to Nicolai Schaaf about the pharma buzz

Our team working to promote safe production of pharmaceuticals is busier than ever. Last week they appeared during Sweden’s Politicians’ Week in Almedalen and now more projects are in the pipeline. Nicolai Schaaf explains why there is such a buzz.

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Who pays for our water consumption?

“We’re still not discussing the human rights aspect enough”, says Elin Weyler with regards to water consumption in our supply chains. Watch the full video below » ? LIVE with @elinweyler. We discuss today’s seminar on #consumption and #water. https://t.co/PZoRlW1roV — […]

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